• Do not use boxes that are too large to lift.
  • Do not overfill boxes - the top of the box should be flat.
  • Place heavy items at the bottom, lighter items on top.
  • Pack heavy items such as books into smaller boxes.
  • Clearly label all boxes as fragile that contain such items.
  • Label all boxes as to which room they belong in.
  • Try to place all the boxes together in the same room near the loading point.
  • Keep all access ways and doorways clear - do not stack boxes or place furniture in the way.
  • Pack glasses upright and plates on their edge - do not lay flat.
  • Remove and wrap the glass plate from the microwave.
  • Pictures, mirrors or plate glass can be slipped into flattened boxes or wrapped in blankets.
  • Any containers of food or liquids should be packed upright and labelled ‘This Way Up’.
  • Clothes can be left in drawers but please remove any breakables or liquids.
  • Aerosols, paints, oils, lighters, matches or other flammable materials should never be packed together.
  • Lawn-mowers, weed-eaters and other machinery must be drained of fuel.
  • Remove batteries from toys and remote controls if they are going into storage.
  • Whenever possible dismantle bed-frames, cots and desks for transport.
  • Keep personal and important items such as passports, money, documentation and medication separate so they are easy to locate should they be needed.
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